Welcome to the web marketing site specifically for the over 50s.

As an over 50 myself I have spent many happy hours, and many not so happy hours, playing with the Internet almost since it became available to the general public.

As a consequence of that I have built and destroyed many websites, crashed and rebuilt many computers, sold stuff and bought stuff and finally begun to understand what it takes to make money on the Internet.

My goal was always to create a passive income that I could maintain at my leisure and not according to some preset schedule.

This site is about that part of the journey and how I can help you get through all the techy stuff that might be holding you back.

I understand that many of you don’t want to make huge amounts of money but just supplement what you have either put aside for your retirement or just to pump up your retirement cashflow.

So I won’t be talking about how you can become a 6 or 7 figure marketer but everything I do talk about can be scaled to those levels if that’s what you want.

To be totally honest with you there are many aspects to making money on the Internet and many different ways to do it but I’ll try to stick to the simplest ways and the ways that take as little money and effort as possible to do.

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The second best way is to bookmark this site and come back regularly.  The way to do that is click on the menu item at the top of your web browser and click on Add to bookmarks.

Anyway, welcome, wander around and have a look at what’s here.  If it’s a bit sparse when you get here remember that stuff will go on here most days so come back and have a look at what’s new.