August 2020

Your writing genius is waiting for you.

As web marketers, we all need to write, but sometimes it can be difficult to get started. I have shared this Infographic with the permission of the original author.  I know it’s long but I think it is of great benefit to you, and me. How to Discover Your Writing Genius and Do Your Best […]

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Today is Coffin Bay.

Drove an easy 300km today, strong North wind but it was mostly pushing me along. Coffin Bay is a small fishing village, mainly focussed on oyster farming but there are other commercial fishing boats in the area. We’ve stayed here multiple times and always enjoyed ourselves so it makes sense to return for a few […]

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Stories from the road.

One of the joys of camping in a National Reserve is that the wildlife becomes accustomed to people and the fact that they sometimes leave tasty morsels behind. This goanna decided to have a look in last nights cooking fire pit, this one is about 1.5m long (5 feet) which is not as big as […]

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