Does Google Love or Hate AI content?

Does A.I. Generated Content Downgrade Your Website?

Have you ever noticed how Facebook and Google ads prey on your hidden insecurities?  Does this mean they are listening to every word you say, and record it to use against you in the form of advertising?

It’s like Facebook and Google hear me when I complain how I can look great when I look in my bathroom mirror — but the unforgiving Zoom camera tells another story.

When Facebook and Google executives make statements about not using A.I. generated content I think they are being mischievously devious because they use A.I. all the time for everything they do.

I believe the issue is NOT AI-generated content but how people use these tools.

People often forget (by accident or intentionally) that these AI writing tools are “ASSISTANTS” and they should be treated as such.

The vast majority of webmasters who claim AI-generated content has done more harm than good is because they expect these tools to “replace” writers instead, as stated above, treat them as what they are…a tool to assist you in your content creation process.

Personally, I ALWAYS proofread everything I generate with an AI writing assistant before hitting the “publish” button to make sure I add a more “human-like” feeling to my content.

I mean, AI-generated content is GOOD if you do your homework, do your kw research, and build a comprehensive article outline. Also helps a lot if you have a clear understanding of who you're writing for and what are your goals.

It's no different to spinning text for use on websites.  There is nothing wrong with that as long as you proof-read the output and make sure it reads correctly for a human, you should never ever write for bots, that will get your rankings trashed.

A great tool to help you write content faster and better is Frase.  I've been using for years now and it constantly surprises me on how good it is.

As I’ve discussed before, the key to Google positions isn’t writing more content. The key is creating quality content that informs, delights, and motivates your readers.

You can’t have that with cheap and fast content. Especially when the content is machine-generated.

Here’s the Search Engine Roundtable article if you want to learn more. Plus, another article hit the streets discussing how, according to Google,  AI-generated content is spam. Read More... Does Google Love or Hate AI content?

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