How To Choose Which Social Media Platform For Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

One of the crucially important things to do before you begin paying any influencer to promote your product or service is to be certain that you can convert that traffic to sales.  That only comes about by testing your onboarding, email engagement. sales process, and delivery process.

Customers are very quick to call you out if things go wrong, as they nearly always will, how you manage that determines how you and your company are perceived.

Once you are past that stage then you can check out the article below on how to choose the Influencer and platform that works for you best.

3 Things to Determine Before Starting Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

As of last year, 42.7% of internet users worldwide are using ad blockers. This technology is changing the digital marketplace and means consumers can easily bypass unwanted advertising. So how are you supposed to reach your target audience if they can block your ads? You have to go through their peers—the influencers they trust and follow. Now, it isn’t a matter of if you should be utilising influencer marketing, but rather which social media platform you should get started on. 

Before you determine which social media platform to sponsor influencers on, you must define your goals for the campaign, identify your target audience, and confirm the budget. Completing these steps first will improve your influencer strategy and increase your chances of success. 

It is essential to define your campaign goals before doing anything else. Like any other marketing strategy, where you place your spend is largely dependent on your KPIs. Whether you want to drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, or earn conversions (product purchases, free trial sign-ups, etc.), determining your top goal will guide which social media platform to focus efforts on. 

One of the best (and sometimes worst) things about social media is that you can find an influencer for nearly every niche. Whether it be knitting, true crime, or DIY renovations, you can almost guarantee that there will be an influencer in that space. With that being said, it’s important to remember that certain platforms are more popular than others for specific demographics. Identifying your target audience will help you find the best influencers, and understand which platform your intended audience is finding them on.

A successful influencer marketing campaign can be expensive. In an ideal world, for one campaign, you could invest ad spend in every social media platform and expand brand awareness, increase site traffic, and earn conversions.

However, this is not the case for most brands, especially those in the beginning stages of their influencer efforts. For that reason, it is necessary to determine what you are hoping to achieve, given your budget limitations.

No matter what you land on as a strategy, you should always be testing results. Sign short contracts with influencers on platforms you are testing, and monitor your results closely and frequently. What is your cost per view? What is your cost per acquisition? How are your landing pages converting? Only renew contracts that are performing, and let ones that are not, gracefully end. Keeping tabs on your campaigns and your individual influencers is key to being successful in these spaces. Read More... How To Choose Which Social Media Platform For Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

For my money the most reliable tracking and testing tool is ClickMagick.  My reasoning for this is that with ClickMagick you can clearly identify human traffic from bot traffic and reduce your click cost with their data.

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