The Greatest email marketing Mistake I Ever Made

The biggest mistake you can make with email marketing.


I've been marketing online since 1998, and the biggest mistake I made with email is not starting collecting email addresses then.

From 1998 to at least 2010 collecting email addresses was relatively easy.

Give away a simple PDF as a lead magnet and people would hand over their email addresses without thinking about it.

Since then, though, it has become harder.

The spammers have made sure of that.  Now people are more reluctant to hand over their email address and they are faster to unsubscribe if your emails don't interest them.

Despite that the biggest mistake you can make with your email marketing is not starting as soon as you have a web presence.

Do unsubscribes hurt your email marketing?

Unsubscribes don't hurt your email marketing, but spam complaints impact your delivery.  Unfortunately, far too many of your subscribers will flag your email as spam rather than unsubscribe for some weird reason.

I suspect that it's easier in their email client to flag spam than to scroll to the bottom of your email and unsubscribe.

And they forget that they did subscribe initially.


Is email marketing dead?

You may have noticed that the social platforms use email to bring you back to them by notifying you of anything they consider might be of vague interest to you.

To those people who claim that email is dead and that social platforms have taken over I say B.S.

If the social platforms were dominant they would be posting in your timeline that there is an email waiting for you in your inbox, not the other way round.

But what do I write in an email?

I know exactly how you feel, this was the main reason/excuse I used to delay my foray into email marketing and building a list.

I didn't think I could write an email every day, and I didn't have the confidence to think anyone would be interested in what I wrote.

When I did finally bite the bullet and begin collecting email addresses I found that writing every day was what I'd been doing most days since coming online.

I'd been commenting on blogs, on social media, writing for my blogs, sending emails to people I knew etc. most days since I started.

It turns out that when you write an email to one or more of your friends it's the same as writing an email to your email list of hundreds or thousands.

You write about what's happening in your day-to-day activities, what you've found online that is interesting, ranting about stuff that has gone wrong, bragging about what has gone right, and all the other stuff that's going on around you.

Your subscribers get a vicarious joy out of your problems, your wins, and generally respond like your friends do.

How do I make money with these emails?

It's really easy to make a full-time income from even a small list when they are well engaged.

The simplest way would be to offer useful products to your subscribers that you get a commission on.

Let's assume for a moment that you have an engaged email list of 1,000 people.  They don't open every email you write, but over the course of a year they might open 50% of them.

In every email you have a link in the P.S. to a product that will help them do something in the niche they are in.  It's not the same product every email, but everything you promote you use and recommend.

The average commission you get from each sale is $10.  Over the course of a year your subscribers buy through your link 10 products each on average.

Your income for the year would be $100,000 from writing emails.

Since the average online purchases by any person in any year is well over $1,000 the odds of you getting paid is quite good.

This way of making money from an email list is quite common and works for everyone who does it properly.

However, there is a way of getting paid monthly by giving something of value away.

Tell me how to make money every month.

You still build an email list, but the product(s) you offer are all subscription products.  There are thousands of these that will pay you commission for every new subscriber you introduce, most of them will pay you every month as long as the subscriber retains their account.

There are things like web hosting, domain name registration, tools to build websites, tools to manage email marketing, tools to create content for marketing, etc.

All of these, and more, have affiliate programs that you can take advantage of.

Some affiliates promote products based on how much commission they'll make, but I think that's a mistake.

I think their subscribers will wake up to their insincerity and stop buying through their links.  I know that I have dumped marketers who seemed to be more interested in me as a cash cow than as a person.

I do keep dealing with those marketers who have ethical standards that I can relate to.

Is there one free tool that covers everything a marketer needs?

As it happens the answer to that question is yes.

 I've only recently come across this platform, and during my testing of the free account have determined that it is definitely the best platform I have found in years of searching.

That platform is Systeme, and your free account gives you everything you need to begin a successful and profitable email marketing campaign. Screen_Shot_2022-04-24_at_10_dq0soz

Your free account does have some limitations.

You can only have 2,000 subscribers, but you can send unlimited emails to them and they can be autoresponder sequence and broadcast emails.

You can have 3 sales funnels, 1 blog with unlimited posts, 1 course with unlimited students and unlimited storage space.  Plus a whole bunch of other stuff.  You can sell and deliver digital products and physical products using either Stripe or PayPal with no additional fees for either.

Get a free account and begin testing this amazing platform, Systeme.

What are their email marketing tools like?

That's a fair question.  Many email marketing tools do not give you good delivery as the automated spam tools don't like them.

With my testing of the email delivery with Systeme it all seems to be very good.  I can't say the same for some of the others I've tried.

The reason for their excellent sending reputation is the way they monitor all your emails when you first sign up.  They closely check the first 50 emails you send to make sure that you are not spamming.  Your account will be shut down if they think you're not playing by the rules.

I imported a bunch of email addresses when I first started which I thought were all genuine, it turned out that 1/2 of them were not and they bounced.  My account was immediately suspended until I was able to explain where I got the emails from and that I was not aware of any issues.

The account was re-instated and everything has been great since then.

With that sort of overview it's no wonder that the email services are happy with the emails sent from Systeme.  That beats Aweber, GetResponse, Convertkit or any of the other email marketing tools.

What other email marketing tools does Systeme have?

Systeme has everything you need except traffic.  The only marketing platforms that I know of that have traffic built in are Substack and LeadsLeap.

Neither of those platforms have all the tools available in Systeme in either their free or paid areas.

Both do have quite a few useful things built in but Systeme will be the better option for you in the long run even though you could use either or both to generate traffic to your Systeme landing and squeeze pages.

I'll talk about free traffic generation in a subsequent post as the subject is too big to include here.

The included tools are a page builder which you can use to build any sort of page you want, email forms, autoresponder, broadcast emails, a blog, tracking and reporting, storage for your digital products, an affiliate program for Systeme and one for you, integration to two payment platforms and it's all structured in a way that makes it operate smoothly.

Try it, you just might like it, and you don't even need to register a credit card to get the free account.  No sneaky $1 14-day trial that rolls over into a paid subscription before you're ready to make the commitment or any of the other tricks some use to get you sucked in and having to pay.

I've never heard of Systeme, is this new?

No, Systeme has been under development and available to the public  since April 2016.  ClickFunnels hit the public in October 2014, GrooveFunnels didn't hit the market until July 2020, and Builderall was available in October 2016.

The reason you haven't hear of it is that it was originally only released to the French market.  In addition the creator was using it himself and building out all the functions he needed.

Systeme has been flying under the radar and will probably continue to do so, but that makes it an incredible opportunity for you as the super-affiliates will be unlikely to be promoting it any time soon.

By reducing the competition you have a strategic advantage and can build a substantial flow of passive income with less effort than if you were promoting ClickFunnels for example.

People are looking for this, they just don't know it exists... yet.

Most of the people don't want to be paying thousands of dollars to build their business, with Systeme they'll save up to $4,800 over any other platform.  That buys a lot of traffic, subscribers and sales.  What would you prefer?

Systeme is less than your daily coffee fix.  Which one can potentially make you the most money?

I know what I prefer.




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