Today is Coffin Bay.

Drove an easy 300km today, strong North wind but it was mostly pushing me along.

Coffin Bay is a small fishing village, mainly focussed on oyster farming but there are other commercial fishing boats in the area.

We've stayed here multiple times and always enjoyed ourselves so it makes sense to return for a few days.

The Internet here is brilliant, I get over 55Mbs on my mobile broadband which is better than I get at home.

This time there is more wildlife in the park, kangaroos and emus happily munching on the green grass.

Some people are scared of these flightless birds.

They don't bother me because I had problems with one many years ago and learned to deal with them.

It kept coming into the yard and I had to physically push it out so I could close the gate and keep it out.  It would walk up onto the back veranda and tap on the kitchen window looking for food.  Scared my wife spitless, she wouldn't go outside when it was in the yard.

The worst night was when I went out to the woodshed in the dark to get more wood and the emu was inside the shed.

I didn't see it because I didn't have a torch, stupid I know, when it boomed at me I did jump a little.

They make a deep, in the throat, drumming noise.

The photos are of an adult, I can't tell a male from a female unless they have young with them, the male hatches the eggs and raises the young.

There were 18 kangaroos which wandered onto the lawns later that evening if you look closely you can see the middle two have joeys in their pouches.

The other two are probably their young from last year.

If you notice the red eyes, that's because I had to use the flash to take this photo.


When it comes to marketing online no-one can tell what sex you are, what your nationality is, how old you are or even what education level you reached.  Unless you tell them.

Sometimes your name will give away a few clues but not always. If you make videos or audio recordings then your voice may also give a few clues away.

Overall though no-one cares.

When you provide good value information based on your observations and experiences then some people will listen to you, not all because everyone has different needs.

All you really need is 1,000 fans who buy $100 from you a year on average and you have a very nice income.  Breaking that down a bit consider 100 people per month buying $80 from you equals $8,000  per month which equals $96,000 per year.

Consider a membership site where you offer something that people want, those sorts of numbers are quite achievable.

What sort of membership site?

        • Orchid growing.
        • Business coaching.
        • Weight loss.
        • Memory training.
        • Succulents.
        • Astrology.
        • International living.
        • Blogging training.
        • Food delivery.
        • Fitness.
        • Video bible studies.
        • Online courses.
        • Makeup.
        • Work-at-home people.
        • Freelance writers help.
        • Dating.
        • Shaving.
        • Artist coaching.
        • and many, many more.

The three main types of membership site are:-

        1. The fix-it model - These focus one thing and how to solve it.
        2. The motivate model - These are communities that help each other reach a goal.
        3. The hangout model - A place for people with similar interests to chat with each other.

For almost any niche you can think of there is a way to have a membership site where people will pay you a monthly fee to be a member.  All you have to do is provide more value than the subscription cost.

Subscription rates vary wildly, from $5 per month to multiple thousands of dollars.  Yes, really.

The very low priced ones tend to have very good retention rates because people don't notice the amount leaving their back account so they'll stay members for years while you keep adding more members.

The very high priced ones also seem to have good retention rates because of the status involved in being a member, plus they get some excellent information that the rest of us don't get.

You don't need to have a website to run a membership program, this can be done via email, a Facebook group or any of the other group or forum type platforms online.

You could have this running inside a few days if you chose to.

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