7 Ways to Curate Content Like a Pro.

Content curation is more than an aggregation of existing content, references, or links. It’s a powerful tool for adding value to your audience while lightening the load for your content team.


The beauty of content curation is that you do not need to create your content from scratch.  You can legitimately and legally use another person's well condidered content in your platform.

It doesn't matter if it's a blog, a video or a podcast taking another's content and discussing it is perfectly OK.

When you consider it, that's what most of the media does every day.  The stories and opinion pieces are more often than not based on someone else's activities, thoughts or published work.

Curation is, in essence, reporting with opinions.  That's what I'm doing here.

There are best practise ways of doing this though so reading the full article is probably a good idea.

Learn how to curate content the right way from these examples and tips. Continue reading → Read More... 7 More Ways to Curate Content Like a Pro [New Examples]

Let me know what you think about this.  Can you use curation yourself?  Do you think it's plagiarism in a new dress?

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