Where should you put your main content?

Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover feels like an opportune moment to reflect on this content marketing advice: Don’t build your home on rented land.

But that phrase might not mean what you think it means for your content program.

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This post made me think about where you and I post our main content.

Sure, you can post it free on many different web 2.0 platforms.

Facebook is a popular one, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Tumblr, Medium, Linkedin, and many more, but any one of those can, will, and have deleted accounts whenever the mood strikes them.  There is no recourse, no chance of reinstatement and no way you can get your content back from them.

Use all of these to bring people to your site, get them onto your email list so that when your account is closed it doesn't matter a fig.

I was reminded of this just yesterday when I discovered that a web site that I hadn't used for years had closed down.  I don't remember getting an email from them suggesting that was imminent at any time or I would ave downloaded my photos from there.

What photos?  The first 4 weeks of photos of out European holiday.  Gone, all gone, because there was no way at the time to store those photos on my computer, not sufficient storage.

I suppose it's my fault.  I should have been paying closer attention, but the lesson learned is this.

If you don't pay anything for access to a platform you cannot expect it to survive long-term.

Where are all the photos you've taken with your smart phone?

In the cloud?  Download them now to a storage device you manage.

Where is your main website?  On a free platform?  Buy a hosting package today and move it all.

Free is great for starting, but it's lousy for permanence.

If you happen to be looking for a full-stack marketing platform you might like to consider this one.

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