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When you decide to begin making money online there are a few tools you will need to use so you don't waste time fluffing around and spinning your wheels.  Most of the tools you'll need are free and they are the ones to start with. Later, when you are making money, you can add some paid tools to your arsenal.
However, there is one paid tool you will need that is essential for your ongoing success.
That tool is an Autoresponder. You will need to start building your email list from the first promotion you run.
The biggest mistake I made when I started this was that I didn't start building the email list immediately. I thought that I didn't have anything to say to someone who might join me and so I didn't get that going. Big booboo there.

Learn from my mistakes, don't do that OK?

Why do you want an email list anyway?

The main reason is that with an email list you have some control over your traffic that no-one can take away from you.  The more engaged people you have on your email list the better. 

Those people will also give you feedback on your emails and your promotions,   they'll tell you what they want from you and that dictates what you'll give them back.

Having to write an email for your people on a regular basis will also help you stay focussed on what you are trying to do.  So, you can get a free Autoresponder account here or you can get an unlimited account here for a very reasonable price.

The other thing you'll need is to understand how to write in a way that draws visitors into taking the action you want them to take.  This can be done by learning to write product reviews.  A special offer is for you here today only.  A good friend of mine has put together an excellent 5 day training on how to write reviews that convert to sales.

She will even critique your work for you so that you end up with a review that has a good chance of making sales, and therefore money, for you. Find out more here, she'll look after you.

For this to work you'll need somewhere to post your review and a way of getting people to visit it.  On this page only here is the special.

Get your free web hosting here and 50+ places that will spread your link to the review across theInternet.

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Can you really afford to take the chance that you'll figure this all out for yourself? 

You must be able to write good reviews and emails, which often are just reviews themselves, so people will find your content and you'll get paid for their interest.