Affiliate Tools

Now that you have decided to promote the Free Report here are a few suggestions for you to use.

Understand that, like every other set of affiliate tools, you should only use these as a guide, not use them exactly as they are.

There is only one link you need to promote and that is the link to the Free Report which you should already have if you don't get it and read it.

Also, make sure you have confirmed your email address and that you have whitelisted mine so you don't miss out on any new products or new sources of traffic you can exploit.

Starting with emails, as you would have seen that the emails I send have the promotion in the PS and the body of the email is informational, entertaining, or motivational with some other stuff thrown in for fun.

These snippets can be used as a PS or as an advert in the middle of the body of an email.

Email Swipes.

When was the last time you got a free report that was useful?
Something that had enough detail in it to be able to put something into action rather than some made-up BS?

"$4,214 Per Month From Cheat Sheets" is one of those useful case studies that doesn't waffle on about how much you'll make but tells you how you could do the same.

Definitely worth a read.

Most people use bonuses all wrong when they are trying to increase sales with affiliate marketing.

They pile on bonuses with inflated prices to attempt to make it look like they are giving you great value.

Often those bonuses are $4 PLR that they claim is worth $27 but is actually worthless junk.

Ask yourself.  "Why would they add on $4,000 worth of bonuses for a $27 product"?

I've always thought that if the product was any good they wouldn't need all those bonuses to make it sell.

But, we all know that a good bonus will encourage us to buy from a certain marketer. Right?

The "$4,214 Per Month From Cheat Sheets" report tells you how you can make a useful bonus.

You won't even have to make out it has a dollar value, they'll recognize the value instantly.


How to pass bonuses to ClickBank buyers automatically.

On this website, you'll find a free script you can download and set up to automate the delivery of your bonus to your buyers.

You'll find it on the Articles/Help/Support menu.

There is also a script for you to be notified by ClickBank when you make a sale and a really good PDF on how to correctly read a gravity score.