About This Site.

Yep, that's me over there on the right.  Rising damp in the beard, hair thinning, character lines appearing etc.

Maybe not a lot different to you in appearance, although you are probably better looking.

What is different is that I've been using computers since they took up a room and I've been on the Internet as soon as the rural phone lines could handle it.

I write software, build websites, experiment with most of the new stuff that comes out, and reject most of it.

What I can tell you and help you with is how to make money online, it's been my hobby for years.

This website is the repository of what I've learned, and what I'm still learning.

It's in its growth phase at the moment so you'll have to hang around to find out what I can help you with and keep reading my emails.

Some of them could be of interest to you if you do want to supplement your income.